Get a Good Night's Sleep Again

Schedule bedbug removal in Davenport, IA

It doesn't take much for your home to become infested by bed bugs. If you've noticed signs of these annoying, biting pests, contact Pestfree QC. Our exterminator provides bed bug removal in the Davenport, IA area. We'll treat all your rooms to eliminate the problem inside and out of your walls.

Our multi-step treatment covers your furniture, carpeting and bed frames. Your home will be free of bed bugs from the baseboards and trim to the crown molding.

Contact Pestfree QC today to schedule your bed bug treatment in the Davenport, IA area.

We want your home to remain bedbug-free

We want your home to remain bedbug-free

You shouldn't have to spend your nights worrying about what's lurking in the darkness. The goal of bed bug treatment is to kill any living bugs and eliminate eggs, thus preventing future infestation. Before bed bug removal begins, you should:

  • Empty your closets and dresser drawers
  • Remove plates from electrical outlets and switches
  • Run clothes through the dryer on high heat and then store them in plastic bags

We offer a 60-day guarantee in case you have any problems after the treatment is complete. Call 563-499-1419 today to schedule bed bug removal in Davenport, IA.